York University Co-operative Daycare Centre believes in providing children with opportunities to develop emotionally, socially, physically, creatively and cognitively in an environment fostering co-operation, and a sense of responsibility and order.

As the primary caregivers of the children under the Centre’s care, parents are strongly encouraged to participate in daily activities as well as to determine the general policy of our Centre as an integral part of their child-rearing experience.

Staff have chosen to work with young children in a group setting because they believe in the prime importance of their tasks, the suitability of their talents, education, personality, and possess a strong commitment to the healthy development of children. Staff satisfaction is enhanced by open communication, clear job descriptions, performance evaluations, development opportunities, and their input into the decision-making processes. Healthy staff moral and co-operation is essential in maintaining a high quality daycare programme.

Our Centre strives to put this philosophy into practice. This focuses on the belief that as children move through unique and challenging stages of development of childhood, they require individual guidance. Teachers and parents can help children grow to their full potential by recognizing these stages and by creating suitable experiences that nurture and challenge them as they develop.

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