Attendance Sheets

Each child must be signed in and out by a parent, with the times entered daily on the attendance forms in the child’s section. This is a safety requirement since the Centre uses this list in the event of a forced evacuation. Special information can be written on this sheet.

Parent/Staff Communication

Staff are happy to keep parents informed of programme plans through section parent meetings, and signs on doors announcing special events. Please discuss matters related to your child during scheduled meetings with the section staff.

Emergency Information

Emergency cards must be updated in the office when telephone numbers or addresses of parents or emergency contacts change. This is of vital importance so that the Centre can locate parents in a crisis situation.

Custody Issues

Parents must provide the Centre with any legal paperwork that proves sole custody of a child. The Centre must provide original documents to the police if the non-custodial parent attempts to pick up the child. In the interest of the safety of custodial parents, children and staff, the Centre strongly suggests it not be used as the place for non-custodial parental access.

Pick Up of Children

In the interest of safety, please notify the office and section staff is someone other than a parent is coming to pick up a child. The Centre will not release a child to anyone under age twelve, including a sibling. If we do not know the person who is picking up your child we will ask for ID.

Criminal Reference Check

There is a mandatory requirement by The Day Nurseries Act for all parents who participate directly with children (including Board Members), who have not participated before March 1, 1995, to provide a criminal reference check from the police department. The Centre obtains the written and signed consent of the candidate and sends requests for criminal reference checks directly to the local police station. In May 1999 the Centre was informed that the cost of a check in Toronto is $16.05 for a volunteer and $48.15 for an employee (including GST). Prospective employees, members and volunteers are responsible for these costs. The Centre has always enforced this policy for employees.

School Age Programme

There is no guarantee that a child will be enrolled in the School Age section because demand exceeds space availability. At present the Centre uses a lottery system to select children who require admittance to this programme.

Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect

Each member of the York University Co-operative Daycare Centre is responsible to report a child in need of protection (Child and Family Services Act s. 72 (1)). If a person has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may in need of protection, the person must promptly report the suspicion directly to a children’s aid society. The person must not rely on anyone else to report on her behalf.


Pre-care (7:30 to 8:00 a.m.) is available in cases of dire need. An application must be made to the Director/Assistant to the Director.  The cost is $1.00 per day for permanent pre care and $5.00 per day occasional. Only children who have been signed up may attend pre-care.


By overall consensus of the general membership, it was decided that for health reasons no animals will be permitted on the daycare premises, with the exception of service animals for physically challenged individuals.

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