Community Partnerships

Partnerships with community members are key to YUCDC being able to enrich our practice and programs for our children.  Through these connections, our children develop a greater sense of belonging and connectedness to the world around them. Some of our partnerships include:
Black Creek Community Farm
YUCDC is a member of Black Creek Community Farm’s Harvest Share Program.  It is a vegetable subscription program which provides our kitchen with a full season of certified organic produce grown at BCCF.  By committing to farm-fresh vegetables, we ensure a nutrient-packed seasonal diet for our children.
Black Creek Community Centre

Harnessing the state-of-the-art growing technology, Black Creek Community Centre donated a Tower Garden to YUCDC so that our children would be provided with the opportunity to grow their own vegetables for their snacks and lunches. This aeroponic system uses water, liquid nutrients, and a soilless growing medium to grow more colorful, tastier, and incredibly nutritious produce quickly and efficiently.

Humber Child Care Consultation Services  

In collaboration with Humber Child Care Consultation Services, Resource Consultants provide enhanced services to children, families, and childcare centres.  Every Child Belongs is a program that ensures the inclusion of all children who need extra support and early intervention.

York University

York University continues to be one of YUCDC's community partners.  During the past three years, it has provided the Centre with the financial and human resource support to renovate our indoor play spaces.  York’s Planning, Design and Construction Team have dedicated numerous hours working with our contractors and governing partners. With the completion of the modernization of our indoor spaces, the University is currently working with the Centre to expand and renovate our outdoor play spaces.  An Indigenous Architectural Design Consultant has been hired to work on our outdoor projects during the Summer of 2022.