Food and Nutrition

Sandra Bee, our in-house chef, prepares fresh meals daily for our children. Sandra's philosophy on food starts with balancing nutrition with meals that children will enjoy.


Download our menus here:

Week One 2022
Week Two 2022
Week Three 2022
Week Four 2022


Please take note of the following:

  • Each day, we provide children with a healthy and delicious: Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.
  • Crackers and breadsticks are offered for our children who are picked up later in the day.
  • Juice is not a part of our menus (due to high sugar content).
  • Fresh fruit is provided at least twice per day.
  • Water is always available for hydration.
  • Infants and toddlers are served homogenized milk, while the rest of the children are served 2%.
  • The milk alternate option is Soya.
  • Mondays are known as Meatless Mondays.
  • Menu items do not contain pork or nuts.
  • Changes of the menu will be updated on HiMama and the bulletin board on the kitchen door.


Sandra's Food For Thought: "Never underestimate your child's palate. Children all over the world eat a diverse menu and what might be considered ethnic food to you is not to someone else's child. Also remember it can take up to 21 times introducing a food before someone truly knows if they like it. Don't give up on the first try."