We offer five programs:

The Infant Program (Ages 6 weeks to 18 months)

Capacity: 20 Infants         Ratio: 3:1

The learning adventure begins in our Infant Program where each day is filled with opportunities to actively explore, see, hear, feel and touch. Our environment fosters self-esteem, trust and empathy and invites children to view the world with curiosity and wonder.

The Toddler Program (Ages 19 to 30 months)

Capacity: 20 Toddlers         Ratio: 5:1

Created to guide your child in the transition from the primarily sensory-motor world of the Infant to the more social and interactive world of the Toddler, our Toddler Program is comprised of learning centres that encourage children to explore and question.

The Preschool Program (Ages 31 months to 6 years)

Capacity: 32 Preschoolers    Ratio: 8:1

Our Preschool Program offers a variety of learning opportunities that have been designed to impart the skills and knowledge essential for personal development. Your child will participate in a curriculum that seeks to build on each child’s unique personality, skills and interests. The curriculum will focus more specifically on developing their emergent numeracy, language and literacy skills- key skills that are necessary to build a foundation for a child’s ability to learn. Through play, our children will be empowered to learn the skills and knowledge that will prepare them for their transition to Kindergarten.

The Kindergarten Program (Ages 44 month to 7 years)

Capacity: 20 Kinders        Ratio: 10:1

Designed to complement the Ministry of Education’s Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten Curriculum, our Kindergarten Enrichment Program will assist your child in developing his/her full potential and through small group experiences will augment the learning that is taking place in the Kindergarten classroom.

The School-Age Before and After-School Program (Ages 6 to 10 years)

Capacity: 15 School Age         Ratio: 15:1

The School-Age School Program offers before and after school care, and specialized programs during school holidays and the summer months. Our stimulating learning environment enables children to thrive on challenges, build friendships, participate in clubs and work on a variety of projects and homework.